Moonshine (Clear Whiskey)

1.  Traditional Corn Whiskey (100   

     proof) - clear, Distilled from 


2.  Rye Whiskey (90 proof) - clear, 

     traditional Rye Whiskey.  

     (Temporarily Out of Stock)

3.  Wind Shear  (100 proof) - clear, 

     Distilled from Corn, Barley, & 

     Rye.  (Temporarily Out of Stock)

Flavored Whiskey's

1.  Apple Pie Moonshine (70 proof) -   

     mmmmmm good.  

2.  French Toast (60 proof) - made 

      with our corn whiskey base, 

      locally made maple syrup, aged 

      in cinnamon and nutmeg. 

3.  S'mores (60 proof) - S'mores 

      flavored whiskey, tastes like your 

      eating a s'mores.   (Temporarily 

       Out of Stock)

4.  Cranberry Orange - Cranberry 

      Brandy aged in Sweet Orange 

      Peel.  (FALL Seasonal)

5.  Grappa - aged in Madagascar 

      Vanilla Beans.  (FALL Seasonal)

6.  Coffee (60 proof) - Coffee 

      Flavored whiskey, smooth, a 

      must try.


1.  Brandy (82 proof) - made from our 

     very own grown concord grapes 

     then aged in American & French